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Welcome Aboard Yacht Teleport!

Ahoy there! Chris Bray and Jess Taunton here - two young Australian's, sailing the adventure of a lifetime! Having bought a tired old yacht in Canada in 2009, we spent three months in 2010 rebuilding her, named her 'Teleport', fell in love, and are now sailing her home to Australia, as slowly as possible, via the world's coolest & most remote places. In 2012 we became the first junk-rig (& youngest couple) to sail the infamous Northwest Passage in the Arctic above Canada! Considering as Jess had never sailed before, and Chris had to read up on junk-rig yachts and rebuilding and hand-starting single-cylinder boat engines, we've learnt lots already but can promise the next few years will be just as exciting, scary, heart-breaking and hilarious!

TELEPORT still for sale  [27th Jul 16]  Comments (5)

 - Click for full-size.

S/V ‘Teleport’ for sale $20,000 CAD in Prince Rupert, Canada from August 2015 onwards. After months of contemplation about what to do with Teleport next year we have made the very hard decision to put her up for sale! It's not an easy decision to make, we really have been 'living the dream' for the past 5 years being able to take months off work each year and sail her that little bit closer back to home. However, we dream of other adventures too, like kayaking around remote islands, cyclin...READ MORE >>

Video Update #27 - Lituya Bay, Alaska  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [8th Feb 16]  Comments (3)

Lituya Bay, Alaska - Click for full-size.

Happy New Year everyone! Chris and I have just returned from a month of running 2x two week photo safaris in Kenya!! More on that below, but I have just finished editing our next video update, number 27!! VIDEO UPDATE #27 - Lituya Bay to Red Bluff Bay, Alaska, July 2015. Lituya Bay is a fascinating and hauntingly beautiful place. A 'tide-line' of younger trees still rim the bay, evidence of the wold's largest-ever mega-tsunami that occurred here 50 years ago. Amazing story - there were th...READ MORE >>

Our gift to you this Christmas - A NEW VIDEO!!  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [23rd Dec 15]  Comments (9)

Teleport anchored at Kayak Island - Click for full-size.

Merry Christmas everyone!! In Between getting back from running our Galapagos and Amazon photo safari, an unexpected trip to India and Christmas (tomorrow!!) we have managed to edit together our latest video from our Teleport expeditions!! Enjoy!! VIDEO UPDATE #26 - Cordova to Yakutat, Alaska, July 2015 Onwards from Prince William Sound and out into the dreaded Gulf of Alaska! The infamously remote Cape Saint Elias for my 32nd Birthday with dolphins, orca etc! Moose in Icy Bay and body...READ MORE >>

TWO NEW TELEPORT VIDEOS!!!  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [13th Nov 15]  Comments (8)

Seldovia to Cordova - Click for full-size.

Although we have only been home for two weeks in-between running photo safaris on Kangaroo Island, Australia and on Monday we are setting off to run a safari in the Galapagos / Amazon, we have managed to edit TWO new teleport videos! Video Update #24 – Nelly’s Rest to Seldovia, July 2014 An amazing few weeks exploring the wonderful Prince William Sound, beside huge calving glaciers, seals on ice, orca, reversing tidal waterfalls, an unexpected gale and a visit from Aussie adventures and ...READ MORE >>

New Video! Seward to Nelly's Rest, Alaska, July 2014  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [30th Oct 15]  Comments (10)

Just a frame from the video. Watch the video embeded below the news piece or on our Videos page - Click for full-size.

It's been a while - we've been busy - but we're very excited to have finally finished the next little video update for you guys! VIDEO UPDATE #23 covers our journey from Seward to Nelly's Rest, Alaska, back in July 2014. This was when, brand new shrimp pot ready, we headed around into Prince William Sound for the first time (like the popular Inside Passage' but more wildlife, and less people!), went hiking, watched humpback whales bubble-net feeding, were investigated by pods of orca, anchore...READ MORE >>

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