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Major Sponsors

Henri Lloyd and GORE-TEX® fabrics

Globally revered sailing and lifestyle clothing brand Henri Lloyd, together with GORE-TEX® - makers of the world's best waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics - have excitingly partnered up to support our sailing expeditions aboard Teleport! "Long term business partners Henri Lloyd and GORE-TEX® fabrics are delighted to support this adventure. Our products are engineered for extreme conditions, so an opportunity to have our garments used for what they are intended for is an opportunity ... Read More >>


Australian Geographic

The Australian Geographic Society has played a major role in supporting all my various expeditions, and I am forever indebted to their initial fostering and now ongoing support. After my mate Jasper Timm and I returned from our Tasmanian Wilderness Expedition in 2004, we were jointly presented the Society's ‘Young Adventurer of the Year’ award, and that really was the key that jump-started my adventuring career. Over the years I have formed a very close relationship – and many friendships - w... Read More >>

Primus Windpower

Behind Teleport’s charming old-skewl looks fizzles so many high-tech gadgets that we need a lot of electricity to keep all systems go! A GPS chartplotter, AIS enabled VHF radio, Radar, lights, countless cameras and video cameras, satellite phones, and of course our laptops to keep this site up to date – all these power hungry little beasties need feeding, and when you’re in the middle of nowhere, this can be a real problem. The answer however, is blowing in the wind! On board Teleport, we can... Read More >>

Air Canada

Air Canada is the fastest way to fly between Canada and Australia, and Jess and I are delighted to be aboard their wonderfully swift and comfortable 14-hour, non-stop service direct from Sydney to Vancouver, and then onwards to whichever part of their beautiful country our yacht Teleport awaits us. A founding member of the Star Alliance network, and flying over 32 million customers annually to over 170 destinations on five continents, I have flown with Air Canada more than half a dozen times... Read More >>

Nunavut Toursim

Nunavut, in the Canadian Arctic, is a place where ancient traditions, untouched landscapes and amazing wildlife live together like nowhere else on Earth, and we are delighted to share this amazing part of the world with you throughout our voyage on Teleport. It's amazing place to experience. “Nunavut Tourism is thrilled to support such an impressive adventure through our arctic waters. Our mission is to share all of the amazing and authentic experiences that Nunavut has to offer with the worl... Read More >>

Dick Smith Foods

Dick Smith - famous Aussie adventurer and entrepreneur - did Australia proud when he created 'Dick Smith Foods' - a company championing 'Australian made/owned' foods, fighting back against overseas purchases of some of our iconic food brands such as Vegemite etc by bringing out his own range, that taste the same if not better, and are entirely Aussie! Good on you mate! So next time you're in your supermarket and about to reach for 'Kraft' peanut butter, honey etc - reach instead for one of Di... Read More >>

LED Lenser

When you're off hiking, kayaking, caving, hauling sleds across the arctic, sailing - whatever - torches are one of those little things that can be overlooked as 'just a torch' - until you either forget to bring one, or have one fail on you, and your whole world goes dark. LED Lenser have been at the cutting edge of LED technology for decades, and these days the torches and head-torches they make are nothing short of breathtaking. One single white LED in the current P7 torch, running from a c... Read More >>

Dr. Shrink

Jess and I have a bad habit of leaving poor ol' Teleport in some pretty nasty environments, for some pretty extended periods (ie dragged up onto a beach on a remote arctic island for the rather long, rather cold winter!), and because we've decided that we actually like Teleport, and would like her to survive the many seasons it'll take us to bring her home, we asked the makers of the best shrink-wrapping system around if they'd like to help us out. They agreed! Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full serv... Read More >>


"Icebreaker": (noun), synonym for "Absolutely awesome super fine Merino garments". ~ Chris & Jess Dictionary, 2005 Developed in conjunction with a simple yet revolutionary layering system of skin, mid and outer clothing layers, Icebreaker is recognised as producing the world's best insulating, breathable, all-natural fabric. This amazing fibre is sourced directly from select high-altitude merino stations in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Far from being the itchy, course 'woolen' clothe... Read More >>

Landwide Satellite Solutions

Landwide Satellite Solutions is a long-term, key-stone sponsor of my various expeditions, providing me with the central piece of my communications setup – Iridium satellite mobile phones. 100% Global Coverage – both voice and data. Unfortunately there is an inverse-relationship between places that have perfect cellular mobile phone reception and places that are perfect for an adventure. Out in the wilderness, whether I just want to let the outside world know I’m alive, or if I am sending out ... Read More >>

Purity Stainless

Teleport had been desperately needing a stainless steel arch/frame over the back of the cockpit to mount various critical pieces of gear on, such as our radar, solar panel, GPS, AIS antennas and our ‘Air Breeze’ wind turbine. Derek from Purity Stainless was just the man for the job. It’d be impossible to find a friendlier, more lovable character than Derek – constantly telling us stories and jokes while patiently checking, fitting, drilling, welding together this super-strong arch over the l... Read More >>


Sponsor brief On any journey, no matter how epic or trivial, safety is the number 1 concern. When all else fails, having a reliable way to communicate with the outside world to summon help may easily be the difference between life and death. EPRIBHire.com.au has been amazingly supporting for many of Chris’s various journeys right from the start, providing him with the free loans of the worlds latest EPIRBs. On both his 2005 and 2008 arctic expedition, Chris and his mate Clark took two – an... Read More >>

Amphibian Inflatables

We’ve been looking for a small Rigid hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB) for Teleport for some time now, basically as a dingy to get to and from shore and explore around, and also in theory to be able to tow Teleport or even act as a lifeboat if necessary. It needed to be small, no longer than eight feet so that it would fit (inflated and ready to go) on deck behind the mast, and a rigid hull (rather than the more common inflated or slatted floor inflatables) to make it a bit more durable when dragging... Read More >>

Lifeline Marine Services

While rebuilding out yacht Teleport in Halifax, Canada, we were put onto local rigger / marine electrician Jim Newell who operates Lifeline Marine Services: Lifeline Marine Services provides mobile Rigging and Electrical solutions for recreational boaters throughout Atlantic Canada. They offer comprehensive Rigging Services including Roller Swaging and all types of Rope Splicing. They are also ABYC Certified and comply to Electrical Standards and are Marine Systems Certified. They even offer ... Read More >>

Vesper Marine

Vesper Marine is a global provider of marine safety products. The company has been providing its AIS WatchMate products to customers around the world since 2007 with great success. Committed to rigorous R&D and innovation, the company designs and manufactures affordable practical electronic solutions that enhance boating safety and save lives in potentially dangerous marine situations. Vesper Marine is proud to be a sponsor of Yacht Teleport Expedition. ... Read More >>


Turtle-Pac are the makers of tough, flexible bladder tanks specifically designed for aircraft and boats. Up in the arctic it can be a long way between fuel stops and reports are that there can be an awful lot of motoring to get places when you need to. So we have two x 50L and one x 100L flexible fuel tanks, the 100L tank with diesel will be strapped onto the deck (fitting nicely under our RIB) as well one 50L filled with diesel stashed in the bilge and the other 50L will be filled with water an... Read More >>


Everyone knows Lowepro make the world's best camera bags. Everything from small protectors, through bum-bags, up to full on backpacks designed to carry pro and backup cameras with a swag of lenses, all protected from the elements and the rigors of traveling. Lowepro have sponsored Chris's photography since early 2009, and we are both are very proud (and relieved) to carry our camera gear in Lowepro camerabags whenever we head ashore from Teleport to explore and photograph another remote ... Read More >>

Dirty Dog Eyewear

To cope with the bright conditions, glare and perpetual 24hr/day sunlight we'll face during our arctic sailing trips, we need to have fantastic sunnies and snow goggles, and with Dirty Dog as our eyewear sponsor, we'll also be looking stylish! Ever since Chris first went to the Arctic in 2005, he's relied on Dirty Dog Eyewear - both sunnies and goggles - and has become addicted to them. Not only are our sunnies durable, UV protecting and polarized, but they look awesome too! Take a look! D... Read More >>

Global Marine Networks

Global Marine Networks (GMN) is a dynamic company dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and cost effective wireless data communication services and products to people all over the world – even those out in the middle of the Arctic. GMN have hosted the comms systems for all my adventurers for many years, and they are the best out there at providing efficient data services for remote locations. I connect my Iridium satellite phone up to my laptop to get internet and email access, but criticall... Read More >>


Terry Kelly from ‘Bentley “C” carpentry has been an amazing supporter of our adventures. He has a lifetime of experience when it comes to carpentry, and with his experience comes a degree of professionalism and expertise. Terry has helped us design, create and install a lot of the woodwork features in Teleport, such as the fold out bed, storage in the galley and an icebox. He is a man of many skills with a heart of gold! Thanks for all your help of the last two summers Terry, we could not have d... Read More >>

TrollPro GoPro Housing

After nearly two and a half years of development and testing, the patent pending TrollPro Underwater Trolling Housing for the GoPro HD video camera is now on the market and we've been sponsored one to capture some awesome footage during our sailing adventures! Designed to be towed behind game-fishing boats to watch the fish striking at the lures etc, we're going to use it to try for footage of everything from whales and dolphins to deep sea things, otters and more! Sure GoPro's are already w... Read More >>

Happy Captain

The Happy Captain is not just an amazing, extendable, carbon-fibre boathook with lots of cool attachments - its a whole new way to moor, dock, and care for boats. We've just been sent one of these awesome tools for use on Teleport - as an ice pole, a GoPro Camera underwater pole, boathook and more! Thanks very much guys!... Read More >>

XtraTuf Boots!

Well, what with all the sailing, traipsing around the snow and ice, getting in and out of dingies and so on, it's going to be pretty tough on our shoes - so we've decided to go with XTRATUF boots! XtraTuf Neoprene footwear will give us flexible, all-day comfort and the best protection. Only XTRATUF® neoprene boots offer a "total protection shield" of seamless, watertight protection for the most severe fishing, farm, and work conditions - including sailing the Northwest Passage! 100% waterproo... Read More >>


We still have sponsor positions available, so please do contact us if you think sponsoring this adventure might work for you. We have a full sponsorship proposal, budget, expected media coverage and other details available if you're interested. Click here for a single paged, A4 promotion sheet.

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