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Our gift to you this Christmas - A NEW VIDEO!!  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [23rd Dec 15]  See below for comments (9)

Teleport anchored at Kayak Island - Click for full-size.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

In Between getting back from running our Galapagos and Amazon photo safari, an unexpected trip to India and Christmas (tomorrow!!) we have managed to edit together our latest video from our Teleport expeditions!! Enjoy!!

VIDEO UPDATE #26 - Cordova to Yakutat, Alaska, July 2015
Onwards from Prince William Sound and out into the dreaded Gulf of Alaska! The infamously remote Cape Saint Elias for my 32nd Birthday with dolphins, orca etc! Moose in Icy Bay and bodyboarding in Yakutat!

What was our unexpected trip to India you ask?

Traveling India by train few weeks ago, Dick Smith passed a homeless family living under a bridge, including a young girl wearing nothing but a pink bracelet. He snapped some pics on his iPhone, noted down the GPS position, and asked if Jess and I would like to go to India, try and find this same girl & her family, help them into accommodation, secure the girl an education, buy them life's basics and open her a bank account for Dick to regularly deposit into - all in three days! We just got back on Sunday. SHARE this album to spread some Christmas spirit!!!

Our story about India has gone viral - unbelievable - it's generated 72,700 shares on Facebook in less than a week!!

See the photos and read the full story on the public Facebook Album

Article in Sydney Morning Herald

Article in News.com.au

Article on The Times of India

Christmas for us will be at home in Sydney's Northern Beaches with all our family this year, we fly to Germany on boxing day to visit my brother and extended family, closely followed by a month of running photo safaris in Kenya.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!

Jess and Chris

23rd Dec 15 - Christopher Meador - commented:

Sat next to you both of you on the plane from Nome to Anchorage. Love that video thanks for sharing
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23rd Dec 15 - Ted - commented:

Those birds at the start look like our Shearwaters from Tasmania. When I looked up their migration pattern, it reaches where you were sailing. There a long way from home.
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24th Dec 15 - Anonymous - commented:

Firstly a very Happy 32nd Birthday you are a bit younger than our Daughter and Son, though i am 56 so many people say i look too young to have 4 grown ups which is nice for me. A very Merry happy Christmas eve to you guys and a Happy Christmas for tomorrow. You guys are so cute, Chris i have followed you in Photography for years and you have taught me a great deal. Keep safe and well take care lots of Love, love Lin x
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24th Dec 15 - Poldy - commented:

Ho, Ho, Ho, both of you also a Merry Christmas! Be welcome in Germany and spends quality time with brother and family. Take Care yourself and I am glad to read or see videos from you again. Poldy
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24th Dec 15 - chris horton - commented:

Merry Christmas guys, I have certainly enjoyed my armchair travels this year.
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25th Dec 15 - Anonymous - commented:

hope you had a great birthday chris it sure does look like it great video hope you and jess have a great xmas and an amazing new yr
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26th Dec 15 - Cathy Kennedy - commented:

Another wonderful experience shared with you both. Thank you. Amazing landscapes, wildlife and locals xxx
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8th Feb 16 - dolores - commented:

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28th Feb 16 - warren Mangan - commented:

Congratulation on your recent trip to India, so incredibly generous of you to take on such a trip, and success! Thanks for you recent videos of you 2015 trip to Alaska, been following you since Halifax , you are an amazing couple and I'm just touching the surface of what you do. Warren
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