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TWO NEW TELEPORT VIDEOS!!!  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [13th Nov 15]  See below for comments (8)

Seldovia to Cordova - Click for full-size.

Although we have only been home for two weeks in-between running photo safaris on Kangaroo Island, Australia and on Monday we are setting off to run a safari in the Galapagos / Amazon, we have managed to edit TWO new teleport videos!

Video Update #24 – Nelly’s Rest to Seldovia, July 2014

An amazing few weeks exploring the wonderful Prince William Sound, beside huge calving glaciers, seals on ice, orca, reversing tidal waterfalls, an unexpected gale and a visit from Aussie adventures and philanthropist’s Dick and Pip Smith.

Video Update #25 – Seldovia to Cordova, Alaska, June 2015

Here we recommission Teleport after the 2014-15 winter and head on to Cordova in Prince William Sound past orca, dall porpoise and whales to get ready to head out into the Gulf of Alaska on our way down to Canada.

We hope you enjoy the videos and please let us know what you think!

13th Nov 15 - Your NameByron - commented:

Just watched #'s 24 & 25. Even though I'm in California leaving tomorrow to work in Africa for 5 months, your videos make me miss AK already! Be safe and happy. Byron
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13th Nov 15 - Norman Diefenbach - commented:

Great to hear from you both once again. With all the trouble and terror in the world of late its great to see your fantastic journey continues, your both a big part of my life, thats kinda sad
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13th Nov 15 - John - commented:

Thank.you so much for producing theses videos. I know how much work goes into them, and the time it takes, but it's well worth it. They are fantastic vicarious thrills for those of us still at anchor, and will be super for you later on. If you can somehow find time for slightly longer takes, and more materia,l it would be that much better than it already is. Thanks again for sharing your adventures with us. Be well, John.
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14th Nov 15 - capt jim russell - commented:

great video, I v sailed prince William sound for almost 10 years out of valdez and seward. fantastic place. sometimes when your there you wonder why but , looking back and at your video you realize why.....
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14th Nov 15 - Merike Johnson - commented:

The videos are wonderful. The reports of your travels enrich my life. Thank you.
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15th Nov 15 - Mike Smethurst. - commented:

Wonderful videos - keep them coming please. You guys are an inspiration to all cruising sailors. NOTE- please take care with the small gas cans. The steel is VERY thin and rusts through in no time. Find a place to store them out of the cabin where gas will flow overboard. I keep one for a blow torch and it emptied itself - luckily overboard. We keep our boat - Blazer - in France. mike-Smethurst.blogspot.co.uk Keep up the good work. Mike & Jackie Smethurst.
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16th Nov 15 - Ellen and Seth - commented:

Awesome videos, guys!! Such great footage and so envious of all your orca sightings and good weather in PWS! We're catching up on our blog now - might bring back some memories for you from the Bering Sea :-) www.gonefloatabout.com Cheers, E&S, s/v Celeste
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17th Nov 15 - Christopher - commented:

So we finally got to see Jess puking! I guess that's a good sign. Such a trooper.
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